Alex Baldi 2019

My name is Alessandro Baldi Allegri called Alex (Baldi my father - my mother Allegri). 
I live in Siena, but I was born in Livorno, preferably
working in Tuscany, but also in the rest of the world .... at higher price :)

First of all, I'm a DJ and a music promoter of parties, but also radio speaker and I really enjoy doing the DJ (but now with digital is called DIJ), I like to communicate, and I'll taking photos during the events like entertainment, or evenings, parties , music and everything you need to organize them. My evenings are made ​​of beautiful music of each period and spontaneity, animation to the microphone, trying not to be peasant or useless in my work.
I'll never made the "playlist" of the evening before  have seen the people "mood".

I'll do parties and events from 20 years, but even before I started as a DJ (vinyl first school) in the mid 70s, but the clubs were boring for me and I've changed my role, but were still very attached to music and parties, I made so many seasons as "head entertainment" (G.O.) in tourist resorts, many TV shows in the meantime, a lot of radio, but lately I've almost completely abandoned the "average" traditional and since 1996 I am very dedicated to Internet
and the fact that you're here to read these words... shows that
I was right here to see the future even then :)

Classics to Dance

What's the difference between other DJ's and me?
I promise you 100% reliability. My reputation is worth its weight in gold. Most DJs(I know quite a few) are unreliable part-timers who will often arrive late, if they turn up at all.  Even if you book with an agency, they use these same DJs and will often send a different DJ to the one you think you have booked.
I am always punctual, polite, well mannered and dressed to suit the occasion, Black Tie, Suit or Smart casual. Not dressed like a roadie for Status Quo, with three days growth and a fag hanging from my lip
I have a back up vehicle, back up equipment and I employ a back up DJ, just in case of emergencies. I use a state of the art digital system. I only use top quality Apple,QSC & Shure sound equipment and L.E.D lighting effects. My system is modern and compact so it only takes twenty minutes to set up. This means you donít have to pay me extra to arrive early to set up. It looks good and sounds great, Classy and stylish, not cheap and tacky
Because I am not an agent I wonít pass your date on to anyone else. I will devote all my energy to your special day. I will give you a tailored, personal service. Some agents have up to twenty DJs working for them. Do you really want to be one of the twenty weddings that agent is dealing with that day? Wouldnít you rather be the only one, like you will be with me? I promise to give you a stress and worry free experience with all your dealings with me and ensure your night is truly memorable and everything you hoped.
If you want to talk to me, I am in my office every day so I am always easy to reach. If you email me I will reply promptly. I keep my mobile with me at all other times and I answer it! You would not believe the amount of calls I get from brides- to-be who have booked a cheap DJ for their wedding and then canít get hold of them. This usually happens just a few days before their big day! Do you really want to take this risk with a cheap DJ? I know what happens; the DJ gets a better offer and simply wonít take the calls. If you book a cheap DJ you simply wonít get the same trouble free service you get from me. Do you really want to be walking down the aisle wondering if your DJ is going to turn up? 
A cheap DJ will not be able to offer all the back-ups or the quality of service that I provide.
Most important of all I only play great music. I donít play Agadoo, The Birdie Song, Jive Bunny; Come on Eileen or the other rubbish that many wedding DJ's insist on playing. I'd also rather not play songs with dance moves. If you want this type of music played all night, I am probably not the DJ for you. Obviously I play popular, well known music including a little bit of good cheese, but I donít play the same old stuff you hear at every wedding you go to. I would rather play some great Motown, quality Disco, soulful RíníB, fantastic Club Classics and Old School. Why listen to rubbish when you can hear only the best tunes ever! I can work in all yourfavourites from the 60s, 70s, 80s 90s, & 00s and the very best anthems to make sure everyone is included. I play everything from Andy Williams to The Kings of Leon. I know how to read a dance floor so I can build the night so even the most die-hard non-dancers canít resist. Because of all my experience I know the tracks that are dance floor fillers. I also know when to play them, when everyone is ready to party, not before.
Please don't confuse me with the usual wedding DJ you see. I am different. I will make your party the best ever!



contatto email:
cellulare: 3331986926

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